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Chemistry clASS

2008-01-10 22:46:42 by Latecks

We're studying radioactive decay.

Now I wanna play Half-Life.

also i have offensive submissions in my favorites because they make me laugh and also because of Job: Internet Troll.


Well, this is baffling.

2008-01-07 21:23:05 by Latecks

A few hours ago, NG showed up as being blocked by some parental filter or something. Now it's unblocked.

What the hell is going on? Anyone know?

EDIT: Sorry to BlueHippo for misleading you.

Updated lists.

2008-01-02 15:07:42 by Latecks

Bandwagon time.

Awesome list:

AarghCat - Love list is not alphabetized. (<33333333)

Jake - General awesome guy. It's a shame he can't just use MSN like a NORMAL person would. Instead he has to use PMs.

SeeInTheDark - Ridiculously nice. Too bad she's never on anymore.


VespeneGas - Best 07 user ever.

Paradox - Has an amusing viewpoint on many things.

Yghrulez - Pretty cool guy, hijacked some faggot's account.

BlueHippo - He edited himself in last time.

CuteAndFuzzy - He's cute, AND fuzzy. What more could you want?

Ecke - Has an amusing stash of pictures. Needs to revive the Revird.

Sensationalism - Forgot her last time. :\

The many alts of Fleek and Usernamed - I don't think I've ever seen that many 07s get that pissed off at one time.

bigbadron - He only gets on here because of that MS Paint Brawl thread he locked, making hundreds of retards cry. Also: 4293

Faggot list:

Mechabloby - Where to start? Basically, he's a stupid unfunny pathetic furfag.

Sawke - Bitchy, stuck up, and has terrible grammar.

squidly - Squidnig.

lawlmaster - Portrait of an immature retard who thinks he's funny.

bulet - Underage.

alicetheDroog - Ugh.

No, I won't add you unless I seriously forgot you.


2007-12-31 20:15:55 by Latecks

Don't talk to me about it.

Xbox 360.

2007-12-25 23:32:16 by Latecks

Any recommendations?

(I've already got Bioshock for the PC, so other than that.)\

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Why must I be next to that retard?


2007-12-23 20:56:53 by Latecks
Updated ur.txt

oh wow.

Beat Bioshock.

2007-12-19 22:43:12 by Latecks

And it's so obvious Fontaine is gay. I mean, prancing around in those speedos for the final fight, when the only person in sight is a guy? Come on.

Also that old joke account I made got this guy banned for a month.

TehreTard blocked me on MSN. D:


2007-12-18 12:39:56 by Latecks
Updated 8936/1


Everyone nominate me for Worst Poster/Biggest Spammer thanks.

Time off.

2007-12-15 17:39:05 by Latecks

Taking some time off the internet for midterm exams, fixing crashed computer, and Bioshock.

Will be back later, possibly with a new story.

I'm 17 today.

2007-12-07 17:40:47 by Latecks


EDIT: $50, Bioshock, A Walk In The Woods, two pounds of cheese, and a nice shirt. Not a bad birthday.


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